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This Short Film ‘Pinjra’ in Naseeruddin Shah’s Voice is a story about me,you and ‘her’

Pinjra is a beautiful attempt by Prammod Sanghi to highlight every Indian woman's struggle at some point or the other in her life. Or maybe her life itself. The gender discrimination in India still continues to be an enormous problem.... Continue Reading →


The Height of Idiocy: Getting fat and turning 80 (kgs)

My weight gain story of how I gained 30 kg in a year !

I’m Glad You Never Loved Me

Because sometimes what happens is for our best.

How religious and spiritual is sexual assault ?

I'm writing this post almost after a month, as I was on a break. However, what also urged me to write today is that I realize it took me almost 8 years to be able to go to Mecca (holy... Continue Reading →

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