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How religious and spiritual is sexual assault ?

I'm writing this post almost after a month, as I was on a break. However, what also urged me to write today is that I realize it took me almost 8 years to be able to go to Mecca (holy... Continue Reading →


The Silence of the Lamb

Hey, I want everybody quiet Now form a straight line I don't want you to cry for it And no one should whine 'Miss..I..I was just wondering..' Don't you understand what it means Pin drop silence and no stuttering God... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spirituality​ in a frame!

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame   This image was clicked in Nainital, India.

Sweet Dreams

In a land full of uncertainties You chose me as the first I come from you, and you alone My body and mind belong to you And my heart beats to a rhythm You wrote eons ago I am a... Continue Reading →

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