Beghairat Kanya

Superflous Passionate Rantings



Promise (A Tiny Tale)

'I promise I'll never hurt you like that'. 'Growing up with a father who cheated, I have trust issues. But I know you're not him. And you love me'. She moved forward to hug him as he held her in... Continue Reading →


The Fifty years Paradox

You didn't notice me the first time I saw you Black jacket and poker face like you didn't give a fuck For me all it took was just one look And mere fifty seconds to go from awe to crush... Continue Reading →


She moves like the wind As the hair tosses over her shoulder Every gesture so swift Practiced and precise to perfection Her anklet hugs her feet As the tiny bells dance with her While her body is in rhythm Like... Continue Reading →

Anomalies of the Mind

Flashes of blue-green With white and yellow Make my head dizzy In the darkness around Like little light bulbs I see them shine Every time I open Or close my eyes The wind catches my hair As I look up... Continue Reading →

As I sit by this river I know you are somewhere miles away from me One stone thrown after another Reminds me about the childhood game of loves me or loves me not The little stones are round and soft... Continue Reading →

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