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love and loss

The incandescent love for Life

It never really helped The love or the hate The sadness or the guilt Or that incessant heartache You made your choice And you held onto it Sometimes passing in a blink Others, a ceaseless marathon Because what is happiness... Continue Reading →


'Do you want to meet the love of your life ? Look in the mirror' -Byron Katie And I certainly couldn't agree more with Byron Katie. We all have gone through that phase of loved and lost, but what happens... Continue Reading →

My Evanescence

A little bud came to life In the silent night sky Under the moonlight To everyone's joy Each new day Brought a pretty new fold Adding a petal To the beautiful red rose But God bless thee De toute beauté... Continue Reading →

What is the point ?

Echoes from the heart 🙂 Bulleh Shah,and his incomparable poetry. 'Bulleh Shaah zahr wekh ke peeta te keeh peeta   Ishq soch ke keeta te keeh keeta Dil de ke dil lain di aas rakhi Ve bulhya pyaar eho jiha... Continue Reading →

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