Beghairat Kanya

Superflous Passionate Rantings



Promise (A Tiny Tale)

'I promise I'll never hurt you like that'. 'Growing up with a father who cheated, I have trust issues. But I know you're not him. And you love me'. She moved forward to hug him as he held her in... Continue Reading →


Sweet Dreams

In a land full of uncertainties You chose me as the first I come from you, and you alone My body and mind belong to you And my heart beats to a rhythm You wrote eons ago I am a... Continue Reading →

Cats are Sacred.I love Cats.Period.

Friendship's Day was two days ago. So I would like to take this opportunity to express love for my feline friends. Cats are a gift to us from nature. They were sent so that mankind would know that love exists... Continue Reading →

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