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You Are Not Your Past-You Can Move On

I hope this year you stop hurting yourself. I hope you stop not choosing to eat that burger and fries you’ve been dying to eat. I hope you stop dying at night by endless tears and unrequited love. I hope... Continue Reading →


The Wretched Invitation of Suicide

Have you ever felt it ? That rush when your mind believes..even for that brief moment that there's nothing more left to life ? That there will be nothing more peaceful to achieve than just closing your eyes forever ?... Continue Reading →

This Short Film ‘Pinjra’ in Naseeruddin Shah’s Voice is a story about me,you and ‘her’

Pinjra is a beautiful attempt by Prammod Sanghi to highlight every Indian woman's struggle at some point or the other in her life. Or maybe her life itself. The gender discrimination in India still continues to be an enormous problem.... Continue Reading →

15 Signs You’ve Gotten Used To Being Treated Like Shit

Oh God all of these are so damn true.I can tick off each one of these. Something's really wrong with me I think. 1. When someone is nice to you, you assume that they want something from you. Sex. Money. A... Continue Reading →

Crossing: The Route to Abandoned Sentiments

Hi Everyone! So this is my first post of 2017 and it had to be a very honest one and today when I sat down to write, crossing seemed so damn appropriate. The beginning of this year to me feels empty, rather... Continue Reading →

The Height of Idiocy: Getting fat and turning 80 (kgs)

My weight gain story of how I gained 30 kg in a year !

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