Pinjra is a beautiful attempt by Prammod Sanghi to highlight every Indian woman’s struggle at some point or the other in her life. Or maybe her life itself.

The gender discrimination in India still continues to be an enormous problem. Women in the Indian society on one side are ‘prayed to’ and on the flip-side they’re ‘preyed upon’.

It is an irony that marks our society with roots so deep that even after all the schemes and objectives of the governments in the past, this issue of gender equality has not been resolved.

In the voice of Naseerudin Shah, the poetry simply touched my heart. Every word gave me goosebumps because I can feel it deep in my heart. Every alphabet resonates with my own thoughts.

Here are the beautiful words of the film:

Paida hui jabse iss pinjre ki mehmaan hui
(From the moment I was born, I was made the guest of this cage)

Maa baap ke haathon numaish ka samaan hui
(My parents chose to make me an article of exhibit and bondage)

Jab jab udna chaha pankh mere baandh diye jaate hain
(Whenever I desired to fly my wings were pinned down)

Jo parinde mujhse milne aate, who aksar khud shikaar ho jaate
(If other birds tried to visit me, they were hunt down)

Ek baar ud gayi thi mein, himmat bhi jutaayi thi
(This one time I did take off, after gathering much courage)

Kamzarf zamane mein jisne saath diya
(In the big bad world in the one I found solace)

Usne meri mohabbat ki boli tak bhi lagayi thi
(Sold me at a price, stripped me off my love and my grace)

 Bahar nikal kar meine jaana pinjra mera sone ka hai
(I realized on my escape that I lived in a golden cage)

Bandishen lakh hain isme mera wajood sirf ek khilaune ka hai
(With numerous restrictions, where I exist as a mere toy)

Pankhon mein pehle se jaan nahi thi, ab toh bediyan bhi lagwa daali
(My wings were already weak and now I am tied up in chains)

Robdaar ki shakl wale ne kawwe ki shaksiyat dikhla saali
(A dove then came to my rescue which was actually a crow in disguise)

Ek aur mera maazi hai jisse mein behad naraz hun
(On one side my past which agonizes me intensely)

Azaad mustakbil ki chah mein jaane kabse beqarar hun
(On the other-a hope for freedom which I have wanted for eternity)

Yeh poochti hun aksar is raah par pahunchne pe
(So I often ask myself on reaching this juncture in life)

Kya mein koi khatm hua intezaar hun ?
(Was all that wait worth the strive?)

Khud ki zindagi se kya mein wakayi wafadar hun ?
(Have I really been faithful to my life ?)

Khud ki zindagi se kya mein wakayi wafadar hun ?
(Have I really been faithful to my life ?)