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November 2016

My Evanescence

A little bud came to life In the silent night sky Under the moonlight To everyone's joy Each new day Brought a pretty new fold Adding a petal To the beautiful red rose But God bless thee De toute beauté... Continue Reading →


Little Black Heart (LBH)

The innocent cry Is a pin prick to that pure heart And the dark dot of evil Is the beginning of a little black heart Broken and beaten Tortured and tender Grieved and traumatized Renewed and resurrected Is a heart's... Continue Reading →

I’m Glad You Never Loved Me

Because sometimes what happens is for our best.

What is the point ?

Echoes from the heart 🙂 Bulleh Shah,and his incomparable poetry. 'Bulleh Shaah zahr wekh ke peeta te keeh peeta   Ishq soch ke keeta te keeh keeta Dil de ke dil lain di aas rakhi Ve bulhya pyaar eho jiha... Continue Reading →

How religious and spiritual is sexual assault ?

I'm writing this post almost after a month, as I was on a break. However, what also urged me to write today is that I realize it took me almost 8 years to be able to go to Mecca (holy... Continue Reading →

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