Beghairat Kanya

Superflous Passionate Rantings


September 2016

The Silence of the Lamb

Hey, I want everybody quiet Now form a straight line I don't want you to cry for it And no one should whine 'Miss..I..I was just wondering..' Don't you understand what it means Pin drop silence and no stuttering God... Continue Reading →


Promise (A Tiny Tale)

'I promise I'll never hurt you like that'. 'Growing up with a father who cheated, I have trust issues. But I know you're not him. And you love me'. She moved forward to hug him as he held her in... Continue Reading →

Little Bo Peep lost her Sheep

When the sun sets And the dunes rest When the sand sits And the air settles Beyond the sandy hills And the dark green shrubs Beyond that lake Illuminated by the moon There shines a light Blinking and bright Every... Continue Reading →

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