Friendship’s Day was two days ago. So I would like to take this opportunity to express love for my feline friends. Cats are a gift to us from nature. They were sent so that mankind would know that love exists in every sphere of nature ūüôā

2016-08-08 (1).jpg

That’s what happens on the days when Bagheera has an adventurous night!

I have an adopted stray kitten and her name is Bagheera (ref. Jungle Book). She is a little bundle of joy and she makes sure that not a day passes without me ogling at how cute she is.

So here are my 7 reasons on why I absolutely adore cats and put them on a sacred pedestal. Maybe after reading you will too!

1. All praise to meow
As one of the oldest civilizations on earth, Egyptians loved their felines. They were  worshiped as goddesses. They even shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning the death of a cat. The pyramids are proof of their intelligence and being a wonder of the world, we have to respect their choices on cats too !500x700px-LL-63071d47_Fotolia_29588341_XS

2. The iconic cat-eye
From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift, the winged eye liner has left its mark as a beauty standard. Inspired by cats, this style of eye liner accentuates eyes in a beautiful way making them closer to almond-shaped. Another reason why the world could not have done without some eyeliner.jpg

3. The infamous catwalk
Oh, what would the fashion world have done without these furry felines !
The catwalk refers to the walk of models on a runway as they tread on it softly with one foot in front of the other just like a cat.
If cats knew how their walk makes our booties look even more beautiful they would start charging catwalk-tax.Kate-Moss-garticle

4. The seductive feline
A pair of cat ears and some costumes are all you need to rock that look !
One cannot deny that be it Catwoman, Tigra¬†or Black Cat the cat family has been an inspiration to all the creative minds out there. Can I include Victoria’s Secret too ?

5. Snapchat stars
Imagine Ssnapchat with all the amazing and quirky filters. Now imagine Snapchat with all the filters on a cat !
See I told you their existence spices up daily life.

Sometimes when Bagheera is co-operative we end up with beautiful results!


6. Coolest companion
Cats just happen to fall into the category of being ‘the one’. Living with a cat is equivalent to having found love (a more cuddly feline type of love). Cats are very simple creatures. With food and water in their tray, a few toys and boxes are all that they need. They do their thing and you do your thing is the happily ever after except they need to smell every morsel of your food. When you need a listener, they will always be near you to hear you out and what more does one need.10355766_709108225834209_8021965704993245429_n (1)

7. Cats deep affection
Cats are creatures who show love in a unique way. Their presence and purring have a calming affect and their ‘occasional’ licking is a proof of their eternal love. Being aloof most of the time and ‘not give a f***’ attitude is after all what we adore in cats. Because come on, even we humans don’t like love being rubbed into our faces all the time. Right ?

So, we should be thankful to cats that they came in our life, otherwise our lives would have been incomplete.
Go ahead and share all the love for these furry felines by adopting a stray!